eCommerce Websites' Service & Maintenance

eCommerce Websites’ Service & Maintenance support, your digital solution, product, or application is just the beginning. The Service and Maintenances kick off immediately afterward. So regardless of how well your e-commerce solution is built, there’s always something to take care of. And continuous improvement is in the mentality of the Digitally-native generation. Thus, being competitive in the fast-evolving world means you should follow suit.

E-commerce website service and maintenance practice is implemented under strict SLA contract rules. So regardless of having a full-time team of 10 or just 20 monthly working hours on contract, you can enjoy peace of mind. We’ll take care of the nuts-and-bits while you can concentrate on running your business! We have a large in-house pool of certified professionals with the most up-to-date knowledge and experience to provide technical support for your module on demand. This would allow your digital commerce to focus on your core business while we could take care of your e-commerce web development. Our goal is to gather top talent for your specific technical support needs. Besides software engineers, we also strengthen teams with business analysts, system architects, project managers, and quality assurance specialists.

E-commerce Platforms' Service and Maintenance Support

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  • eCommerce websites’ SLA-based development, support, and maintenance.
  • E-commerce website audits.
  • Business and system analysis for a more enhanced customer experience.
  • Quality assurance testing and optimization.
  • Onboarding in eCommerce development and IT services.
  • eCommerce multi-store development, maintenance, and support.
  • Dedicated external resources to expand your in-house team.

Web Development Services

Web development services include necessary and timely solutions to our partners’ clients’ issues. Our highly trained tech support outsourcing experts take on customer queries to deliver a seamless experience for your customers. SLA-based hours can also be used on specific e-commerce web development and design requests; PrestaShop integration services as user/development training; PrestaShop module upgrades; Digital commerce development and implementation of new functionalities; Fixing third-party errors; eCommerce consultations; Other Services related to the PrestaShop, Shopware, Sylius or other eCommerce platforms, modules and plugin itself.

Case studies and success stories

ERP and eStore integration - Connect product

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