The most flexible, inexpensive, rapid, and easy way to successfully run your digital commerce business.

Connect by Invertus is what your co-workers will love and appreciate. Get started without any additional expenses but with powerful systems instead. 


Technology changes rapidly, and usually, businesses find themselves with outdated software quickly. So, before choosing software, you need to be sure it is flexible and scalable, allowing for advancement and updates as new functionality becomes available.

What is great about Connect product is that its standardized version offers the most necessary functionalities for small and medium online businesses with modern and advanced systems worldwide – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and PrestaShop (or Shopware, or Sylius) eStore. Both systems, as their integration, are flexible and can be easily integrated with other IS.

Invertus developers are contributors to PrestaShop Core development, so we guarantee its reliability, security, and flexibility. As the commerce platform, get the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with full flexibility to deploy in the cloud, a comprehensive business management solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses.


Business software purchasing mistakes are expensive lessons. Do you know how you can avoid these mistakes? The initial price is only part of it – look long-term. Implementing a new software or solution is never a short-term investment. You must consider product maintenance, hosting, infrastructure, updates, employee costs, customer experience, satisfaction, custom system development, etc. Also, you need to look for more than just one department tool but a whole business management solution that synchronizes data and the company’s processes.

Connect by Invertus is a perfect product to start small, but be prepared for enterprise-level from the beginning. Connect is an excellent product for running your digital commerce business. It already has all you need:

  • PrestaShop, Shopware, or Sylius eStore – one of the largest, most scalable, flexible, modular, and popular platforms worldwide with many features, like multishop, multilanguage, etc.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP – a cloud-based, robust, easy-to-use business management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Work from every corner of the world.
  • Real-time automated data exchange between eCommerce platform and ERP. For example, export or import of items, price lists, inventory, order statuses, customers, and orders.

So, start with a standardized and essential Connect product and be prepared to scale quickly and easily with systems that already provide such possibilities. By having Connect, your business will be secure and ready to scale and cross-border.

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Digital solutions that are built from modular software and digital products are our nearest future that is now. Such digital solutions let businesses prepare to deliver premium integrated customer and user experiences across all channels, maintain their competitive advantage and make important decisions in seconds based on accurate and uniform data synchronized together.

Connect product brings so much automated and centralized data and business processes that you don’t need to have many people administer your e-shop, or an accountant add the same information twice in the systems. Entering data manually twice leads to multiple errors, miscalculations, data duplications, and even hiring more employees than needed in order to administer each department or system.

The Connect product provides seamless integration and automated data exchange between an ERP and an e-commerce platform, which leads to a significantly reduced amount of human error in your system, as well as less administrative work for your system.

It automatically exchanges crucial information between ERP and eStore: catalog of inventory, price lists, stock availability at different locations, customer data, order statuses, and much more. In addition, it fully synchronizes customers’ cards, orders, and order statuses from eStore.

And while, in general, business digitalization requires time, installing and configuring Connect product is more a matter of hours.

Connect configuration wizard


If you are already using one of the integration systems, like the PrestaShop platform or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you already know what kind of systems they are. However, we guarantee that you only gain from it fully if you integrate them because having different software in businesses is not yet digitalization. Only interoperable technologies create conditions for developing and servicing coherent processes. So, having Connect product that integrates your systems, you will feel the power of digitalization.

Connect product is easy to install and configure. It’s a matter of hours if you already have PrestaShop, Shopware, Sylius eStore, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. With Connect product, you easily get the best user experience across all channels, can work from anywhere you want because it is a cloud-based ERP, get synchronized data to both systems in real-time, may improve operational efficiency with rapid wage growth and other operating costs, and increase customer experience and satisfaction.

Need help integrating your eStore and ERP? Install Connect quickly and inexpensively, and enjoy your business results. Let's talk!