SALESmanago Customer Engagement Platform for eCommerce Marketing December 18, 2023


SALESmanago’s mission is to enable impact-hungry eCommerce teams dedicated to crafting lifelong relationships. The leading Customer Engagement Platform is used by 3000+ midmarket and enterprise clients in 50+ countries to maximize their growth.

Invertus is a certified partner that deepens SALESmanago’s collaboration with partners by enhancing them to join a vast network of consulting partner communities – providing best-in-class CDP and marketing automation software backed with top-notch services to clients and helping them grow by addressing their business goals.

SALESmanago solution addresses key online Marketing Challenges today:

  • Hyper aggressive competition.
  • Growing need for superior relevance to customers.
  • Skyrocketing Customer Acquisition Cost.
  • Complexity of Omnichannel Experience.
  • Increased dependency on IT.
  • Being perceived as a cost center.

Who can benefit from SALESmanago?

  • Enterprise Class Solutions available for Mid Size Online Retailers.
  • End-to-End Seamlessly Natively Integrated Data With Execution Channels.
  • Pragmatic / Marketing CDP focused on Zero-Party Data.
  • No Code, Low Code, Self-Service Platform.
Few SALESmanago case studies:

When is the SALESmanago Customer Engagement Platform a good choice?

  • Customer Intimacy

-Pragmatic CDP for accessible gathering data which is immediately actionable across all execution channels.
-Customer Preference Center enabling gathering Zero Party Data.
-Deep behavioral profiling enables customers to go beyond tracking visits on URLs to truly understand intentions.
-Fully configurable Loyalty.
-Program utilizing all CDP data and messaging in all communication channels.

  • Precision Execution

-Hyper flexible workflow framework enabling easy creation of any use case imagined.
-The most complete omnichannel platform using native communication technologies without external integrations.
-World’s only mobile-first email studio with Conversion and Zero Party Data Tools.
-Experience-changing no-code website offers adjustment with Personal Shopping Inbox, Social Proof widgets, and AI-driven Product Recommendations Engine.

  • Growth Intelligence

-The richest on-the-market workflow templates library with over 80 ready-made processes to address key eCommerce KPIs.
Measurable impact on business and revenue growth thanks to eCommerce Dashboard and Cross-Channel Revenue Attribution Analytics.
-Integrated AI and personal human guidance to prioritize activities best fitting your strategy.
-No-code platform design enables fast implementation and optimization. 

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