Life @ Invertus. People and Culture

Life @ Invertus never falls short of fun, purpose, and challenges. We create scalable digital solutions that deliver sustainable business success for our clients. We strive for acknowledgment and perfection. And we enjoy every bit of it.

Founded in 2005, we’ve already helped 250+ brands. We deliver digitalization strategy, design, development, and optimization to brands, retailers, and manufacturers across the world.

Invertus team focuses, on broadening experience, and deep expertise in B2B, B2C, payments, logistics, marketing automation, ERP, CRM integrations, UX/UI design, and custom development. Everything that makes us a preferred partner. Our agile working methods and test-driven techniques offer the best results regardless of the complexity of the product or solution.

Join us and make Life @ Invertus part of your journey to success!

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To provide scalable digital solutions that enable our Clients Business Success.


Be recognized worldwide as business digitalization professionals.

Life @ Invertus. ACCEPT Our Values

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Our values are part of our Ethos. It’s who we are, what we believe in, and how we act.

We are one Team by design where everyone is different though very important. We employ our individual Competencies and experiences to achieve amazing things altogether. We are transparent, aligned, and depend on one another, but we trust each other. We are on this journey together because we believe people are the greatest treasure in helping businesses thrive.

We’ll challenge everyone with great Accountability and Ownership from the start. Our workplace is built on everyones’ growth, respect, and Engagement. Every day is a new chance to make something better or think of something greater. We never stop, we never settle, we are determined, and if there is a better way to achieve goals, we will discover it.

Through this infinite game, we make creative and sustainable choices, even in the small everyday things. We invest in our future by caring for people, our partners, our digital products and solutions. While doing what we can to keep it simple, we freely try things out, which is why every idea counts.

Act on your leader’s spirit, use your design thinking, and look for opportunities to break new ground. We work hard to win the hearts of our Clients and Partners, so we all can have Win/Win paths. 

We accomplish this all by being Passionate about everything we do, open-minded, and transparent.

So let Invertus values – Accountability, Client-centricity, Competence, Engagement, Passion, and Teamwork – be your lead to living by. Join the Team!

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Life @ Invertus. Career

Having a purpose-driven team @ Invertus.

A higher purpose is not about economic exchanges. Instead, it defines our relationship with the company and the impact we make on it. It provides us with a sense of meaning better everyday choices and draws our continuous support @ Invertus. 

Invertus is growing from all perspectives, and a purpose-driven team is a reason for it. We believe purpose is a dramatic element that significantly influences people’s choice to wake up in the morning. 

Yet the incredible power of purpose doesn’t necessarily imply world-changing activity. Instead, one can use it to develop one’s talent and express one’s unique capabilities to perform daily tasks. 

Alignment and transparency are essential @ Invertus. We will be engaged in our work when we know the company’s mission, vision, and objectives matter. That supports us to contribute to the bigger picture. We believe teamwork is everywhere. If we can help each other, we are doing so every step of the way. 

A business’s bigger picture or purpose sometimes changes. And when it does, the vital thing to do next is to clarify, articulate, choose well, and stay agile with it because we are happiest and most fulfilled when our choices and actions are aligned and transparent with a clear purpose. 

Join our purpose-driven team @ Invertus!

We create a unique experience inside Invertus. It’s our “Wow” moment. Join our team of wonderful people, great vibes, and ideas coming true, and impact your future. Life @ Invertus, you’ll get an opportunity.

Available positions @ Invertus

Join Invertus team! Start your journey and activate your growth now! Find out more ->

Join Invertus team! Start your journey and activate your growth now! Find out more ->

Join Invertus team! Start your journey and activate your growth now! Find out more ->

Join Invertus team! Start your journey and activate your growth now! Find out more ->

Join Invertus team! Start your journey and activate your growth now! Find out more ->

Join Invertus team! Start your journey and activate your growth now! Find out more ->

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    Culture @ Invertus

    Every business has its DNA. Ours lies in combination of our values and Win/Win or Lose/Lose approach. 

    @ Invertus, Win/Win philosophy encourages the development of mind and heart that continuously seeks mutual benefit in every people’s interactions. Win/Win means that experiences or solutions are mutually beneficial and satisfying. In any partnership, we look for cooperation and co-creation, rather than any party benefiting from the others loss.

    Yet, although many business talk of the Win/Win philosophy, the Lose/Lose aspect is no less important here. If a genuine Win/Win can’t be reached, the Lose/Lose remains a fair option. Openly and transparently approaching the mismatches, we try to understand the underlying  issues and learn from our shortcomings. The “no deal” scenario is sometimes the only option that works for both parties better than wasting time and resources that suits none.

    The main principle here is that Win/Lose or Lose/Win is against our ethos. We don’t believe in  “your way” or “my way.” The “better way” or “a higher way” is what we take!

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