The complete solution for B2B eCommerce.

The B2B Suite is the system for future-proof B2B eCommerce platforms with Shopware 6.

B2B purchasing platform

With the B2B Suite, the “self-service” purchasing platform and the “customer portal” ecology are combined with the integration of sales staff on a B2B platform. So that wholesalers and manufacturers can work closer and better with their customers. Seamless integrations into ERP. For all industries. For SMEs and corporations.


The whole B2B purchasing platform – B2B Suite – already maintains key features:

  • B2B corporate structure.
  • Prices, stocks, payment method, and checkout.
  • Spare parts store.
  • Digital sales promotion.
  • Sales representative integration.
  • Digital offer creation.
  • Easy integration into third-party systems.
  • Integrated directly into Shopware, etc.


B2B Suite is developed as a complete solution with many configuration options. It allows the building of B2B platforms (customer portals) intended to serve as a portal for customers, their employees, and the entire store operator sales team (field and internal sales) to collaborate. The complete B2B Suite and all plugins can be customized to any customer requirement. B2B Suite is a 100% Shopware plugin that is easy to install on a server or hosting package.

You will undoubtedly want customizing features in your project. These can be developed by Invertus. Contact us to discuss what B2B Suite could give for your business. Let’s discuss how you fit into this changing world and identify your business opportunities to move forward, grow, and scale.