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eCommerce Platforms. @ Invertus, we know what the difference between e-shop and integrated solutions implemented in your business management solution is. We estimate and evaluate business optimization, effectiveness, and digitization opportunities or needs. Our clients are from global unicorns to mature traditional businesses, from startups and small-sized companies to enterprises. It doesn’t matter in what stage of the project we enter or what level your business digitization is. We broaden opportunities for your team competencies to guarantee your system security, reliability, and opportunities to grow. As part of the global professionals’ ecosystem, we can ensure your business’s digital success. You can count on exclusive expertise and rely on the help of our partners and specialists. 

We are a client-centered company providing the best eCommerce solutions that fit our client’s business needs, which is why we work with PrestaShop, Shopware, and Sylius. Driven by a common purpose and strong values, we genuinely treat our clients as business partners, and we celebrate their business successes as our own.

eCommerce Platform PrestaShop. Why choose it?

  • One of the world’s largest and most popular e-commerce platforms, with 300000 active e-par sites (4000 in Lithuania).
  • Open source platform – flexibility to personalize your solution.
  • No support fees.
  • It is powerful, easy to understand code, scalable, has a great community, easy to customize with plugins, easy to learn, fast, and rich features with powerful functions. 
  • A broad ecosystem of service providers and solutions (Invertus is an official Platinum Partner of PrestaShop).
  • For SMEs.
  • The ability to grow a solution with your growing and expanding business because of complete control of the solution, rights, security, and infrastructure.
  • PrestaShop is written in PHP and is highly customizable and fully responsive (both front- and back-office). 
  • Top features: ERP integration product, CRM, data security, email marketing, inventory management, mobile access, multichannel marketing, multi-store, promotions management, returns control, reviews management, and SEO management.
  • PrestaShop is leading in most of Europe and Latin America’s countries, like France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and 155 other countries.

eCommerce Platform Shopware. Why choose it?

  • Shopware is an open, headless commerce platform.
  • Shopware CMS can manage the inventory, and keep track of sales.
  • It is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can create an online shop quickly and easily without learning any programming languages.
  • Shopware is highly flexible. You can customize it to fit your specific needs.
  • It provides more than 1,500 free and paid themes and templates to its users. These are mostly mobile-friendly and can also be individually adapted.
  • Already has integration with ERP.
  • For mid-market & enterprise commerce B2C/B2B businesses.
  • Top features: a built-in CMS and website builder; multi-currency and multi-language support; a powerful order management system; a user-friendly back-end interface; robust security features. 
  • Shopware is the market leader in Germany. It is also popular in USA and Switzerland. 

eCommerce Platform Sylius. Why choose it?

  • Open source eCommerce platform.
  • Supports the most popular payment providers’ integrations. 
  • Unlimited attribute addition for products, easy order management and customer service, multiple currencies, and multichannel support. 
  • Flexible, stable, secure, customizable, and scalable.
  • High code quality and up-to-date documentation. 
  • Based on Symfony, you easily find developers who require specific coding knowledge to take care of this platform (Invertus is an official Integrations Partner of Sylius).
  • For mid-market & enterprise commerce B2C/B2B businesses.
  • Top features: CRM, data security, email marketing, inventory management, mobile access, multichannel marketing, multi-store, promotions management, returns control, reviews management, SEO management, and templates. 
  • Sylius has a breakdown with installed on 12 eCommerce stores in Switzerland.

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