Digital Commerce Products

Digital commerce products usually are developed for personalization, as additional standard functionality, or integration as a module or plugin. However, e-commerce ultimately depends on customized shopping experiences for each unique customer. So, we provide comprehensive, stable, and scalable e-commerce products to enable your business success. In addition, we relentlessly find and provide web development services and solution that helps you thrive.

Modern e-commerce stores require a feature-rich set of components and numerous integrations to provide customers with the best shopping experience. In addition, all eCommerce businesses today use digital websites or an eCommerce platform to handle both online marketing and sales activities. We have an experienced team of e-commerce development experts that will guide you with growth and scalability-oriented online approach strategy and determine which marketplace is right for you to sell your products and stay competitive.

E-commerce Products. PrestaShop or Shopware Modules, Standardized Digital Products, and Addons

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  • PrestaShop and Shopware modules and addons installation.
  • Standardized e-commerce products with predefined integrations.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 ERP integration module.
  • Standardized audits.
  • PrestaShop training.
  • SLA-based web development, maintenance, and customer support services.
  • EU funding-based standard e-commerce projects.

E-commerce Software

The e-commerce software we provide aims to digitalize business processes. Our global experience and multifunctional competencies enable our team to understand your business needs and evaluate perspectives thoroughly. It doesn’t matter in what stage of the project we enter or what level your business web development is. We broaden your team competencies to guarantee your e-commerce platform security, reliability, and growth opportunities. We implement digital commerce products if needed.

Case studies and success stories

ERP and eStore integration - Connect product

Need help integrating your eStore and ERP? Install Connect quickly and inexpensively, and enjoy your business results. Let's talk!

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