Case study


CAMELIA has established more than three hundred pharmacies and enhanced its digital commerce.

CAMELIA is a brand of a chain of pharmacies in Lithuania that has a successfully designed, developed, and constantly improved sales system for medicines, pharmaceuticals, and other types of products, also its own infrastructure, organization of operations, and other elements, which are the advantage of the pharmacy group and a warrantor for successful operations. CAMELIA is one of the leading pharmacies that successfully develops its eCommerce in Lithuania and boosts it in a technologically innovative way.

Our role

We were the IT solutions partner helping CAMELIA eStore migrate to PrestaShop and boost digital commerce. We’ve also needed to fix important bugs and improve administrative functions. Our conversation with CAMELIA started because they needed to improve keyword rankings and overall SEO scores. 


Prescribed-only medicines could not be purchased online, and purchasing over-the-counter medicines required the pharmacist's advice. Online orders were not closed until pharmacists contacted the customer.

Improved the website loading speed for desktop users, which led to lower bounce rates and boosted conversions.

How we did it?

Decisions made

  • Migration to upgraded PrestaShop version. 
  • PrestaShop integration with ERP.
  • Running PrestaShop with Kubernetes in a containerized environment.
  • A specific range of pharmaceuticals with additional logic.