Case study


Fantasmagoria is an alternative fashion online commerce shipping clothes worldwide.

Fantasmagoria is a distributor and online business selling gothic-style clothing, footwear, home decor, fashion accessories from Lithuania. Its distribution seeks Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Online retail ships orders to any corner of the world from where order comes. Fantasmagoria is based on B2B and B2C online platforms that contain different functionalities, making eCommerce easy to maintain, providing the most pleasing customer experience, and automatizing the supply chain at its best.

fantasmagoria invertus

Our role

Previously, online stores were administrated and built on another online platform that couldn’t support all needs in scaling. It was challenging to administrate a standard online platform when your brand grows and meets more significant shoppers’ needs. We contributed significantly in taking over all online stores and migrating them to the next level of PrestaShop possibilities to broaden its functionalities with custom eShops development.


We managed to develop PrestaShop modules to connect and work smoothly among all functionalities, not being interrupted by each other.

With the help of our custom development, our client could have the vision being made accurate in the online store functionalities.

How we did it?


E-shop was already built on PrestaShop that contained many manually and uncarefully installed modules and themes. As a result, it caused many PrestaShop functionalities to be broken. There were many custom development requirements but low time resources. Modules didn’t work so smoothly with PrestaShop itself that was already installed, which caused e-shop’s speed and other online store issues.

Decisions made

  • New functionalities were added and developed.
  • Theme. Flexible and easy to administrate.
  • One-page-checkout. It allows managing the entire order process on one page.
  • Geolocation. The online store is international, so it is a great advantage when goods are charged, shipped, and everything else automatically determined by customer location.
  • Closes size tables. It could vary from quantity to quantity to item;
  • Similar product review according to categories and other attributes.
  • Because of time resource limitation, we decided to make changes using modules, but with additional development of PrestaShop and modules themselves to e-shop work smoothly and synchronized.