Case study


Lonas is a comfort master selling handmade mattresses across the Baltics.

Lonas, for almost 30 years, being one of the most successful Lithuanian family businesses across Baltic countries, ‘Lonas’ shares quality and 10-year warranty values for comfortable and healthy sleep. The company was founded with a passion for creating a full-quality products. Every mattress was and still is handmade. Today ‘Lonas’ has thirteen physical stores across the Baltics and ten online stores and doesn’t think to stop its successful growth.

Our role

In a search for a professional and quality-based IT service provider, ‘Lonas’ contacted us with a need to support and maintain their few online shops. The SLA-based development and maintenance contract was signed.


We significantly reduced the number of e-shop speed issues by optimizing images.

We've upgraded e-shops to the latest PrestaShop version, which aloud better module operation and their development.

How we did it?


Detailed analysis for seven online e-shops was done. There were issues with shops speed, security, and UX/UI design. Extra testing for e-shops’ was needed because there were additional customized development requests.

Decisions made

  • Detailed e-shop analysis showed changes needed to be done to solve speed and security issues, like third-party code rewrite.
  • To update PrestaShop to its latest version for better functionalities and bug-fixed modules.
  • Optimize images at e-shops.
  • Daily support and maintenance according to SLA-based development agreement.