Success Story


Stockfiller. The best idea comes from the fundamental need to make life simpler.

Stockfiller a.k.a. FoodFlow, is a Swedish revolutionizing B2B online platform for retailers and suppliers. Currently, it has more than 850+ retailers and 100+ suppliers using FoodFlow. Start-up already collects entrepreneur of the future award.

“The idea for our software came through different business ideas – we started with an eCommerce food store for consumers but quickly saw that the food industry was moving elsewhere.” – Christopher Jonsson, the co-founder of Stockfiller, explains.

“When we started in 2014, the demand for prepackaged goods and online grocery shops quickly expanded. We devised an idea to connect every supplier and retailer into one online platform, so anyone could meet each other online and order anything they required.”

Stockfiller anatomy.

The initial platform idea was to link suppliers and retailers to reach their consumers. However, it didn’t take long for Stockfiller to notice that most of their leading suppliers’ deliveries went to restaurants instead of the consumers.

“Soon, we realized that our order management system we’ve created for ourselves could bring more value to retailers and suppliers. Our project enabled getting goods to stores more straightforwardly because about 20-30% of goods don’t come through central warehouses in Sweden. There aren’t many systems in the industry to deliver these particular goods. Writing emails and making phone calls are not as efficient, and the competition is high. We’ve decided to shift our solution to take care of the direct food flow. Our goal for such an online solution was to make it possible for every store to have products they needed to sell.” – Christopher Jonsson explained how the idea of a more direct supply chain became real.

A business model shift from B2C to B2B.

Christopher continues: “We quickly realized that nothing pre-built for traditional eCommerce store worked well as it started to roll out the way we hadn’t planned at first. We still tried to make the system look good through many modifications for some time. However, eventually, we began feeling limitations and decided to switch entirely to the B2B platform

We now have built a new proprietary system that focuses on grocery stores and suppliers. It provides

  • Easy and efficient order management.
  • Handling and packaging systems with data analysis are available throughout the process.”

Making partnerships and relationships through FoodFlow.

“We’re delighted to work with local businesses because we can always add a personal touch, maintain ongoing relationships, and support them. Our work is challenging. Since each product needs extra care, it’s not possible to have one exact process for all of them. The FoodFlow system enables us to be flexible and agile for each customer and their needs, regardless of whether the process is basic or unique. The best thing about it is that we can distinguish the difference quickly and act on them.” – says Christopher.

Partners for scaling fast.

“Invertus was and still is the main contributor to our smooth scaling as a company. We collided when we purchased Invertus plugin. We were starting to maintain a close partnership because we liked the product and Invertus’s approach to additional requests. Our previous IT service provider wasn’t dedicated to development like Invertus was.

As we bonded quickly, we also saw an opportunity to onboard Invertus developers as our own. We see so many benefits from the dedicated resources Invertus offers. To this day, Invertus shows commitment. Invertus knows its strengths and can leverage them, which is excellent for a fast-paced company like ours. They care about our product, which is fundamental for us.” – ends Christopher Jonsson, co-founder of Stockfiller.