Case study


More than 850+ retailers and 100+ suppliers are using the groundbreaking Stockfiller platform.

Stockfiller is a famous brand not only in Sweden but in Europe as well. The company is dedicated to retailers/restaurants and suppliers revolutionizing their control over the flow of goods. Now Stockfiller offers a wild modern platform – Foodflow – for retailers and restaurants to order goods from all their external suppliers in one single go. However, such a revolution has its prehistory.

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Our role

At first, Stockfiller reached Invertus with a simple task to configure and develop the PrestaShop plugin they purchased and used for e-shops. Their business model back then was B2C, an e-commerce food store for consumers. Stockfiller’s team was small at that time, and they required proper developers to maintain their platform. So, we became a partner in cloning and customizing these e-shops. Three of our developers were dedicated to the Stockfiller case and onboarded quickly. The company considered them as their team members very rapid. For an outsourcing company, it is an outstanding achievement. Though, Stockfiller was growing very fast.


We were granted a leading partner's role in designing and developing their new B2B platform for retailers and suppliers.

The platform now is designed and developed by our team from zero. Even if Stockfiller has its developers, our developers are the core of the front-end team.

We continue to build and maintain their ultimate platform of Foodflow. As issues happen, we step up in fixing them. We take care of the product, which is a fundamental value for Stockfiller and us.

How we did it?


Growth for this company happened to be the problem. So many e-shops needed maintenance and support. It happened to be the main reason for them changing the business model itself to B2B. They shifted their solution specifically to take care of the direct flow of goods and provide a platform of order management and procurement for particular produce.

Decisions made

  • Foodflow B2B platform is a custom development project with many different tasks and missions we participate in from the beginning.
  • Usually, tasks or missions are Stockfiller based; however, being the core of the front-end development team, we are part of the decision-making on how to develop function effectively and provide the best customer experience.