Pharmaceutical eCommerce Solutions

Pharmaceutical eCommerce solutions. With e-commerce integration, pharmaceutical vendors can offer patients and providers an easy, efficient way to search for and purchase needed products online. 

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We can provide a perfect online B2B/B2C platform for your pharmaceutical business with specific functionality to meet regulatory requirements, featuring eCommerce integration with a central ERP system. In addition, our Connect product allows you to share your product range and stock levels and offers your customers the ability to order and download product information in no time.

Prescription drugs are highly regulated, and the competition works slightly differently in this industry. This can make e-pharmacy uniquely challenging. So, regarding B2B and B2C, pharma e-commerce is capable of making prescription drug buying more accessible and transparent. Yet, we know the difference between a simple e-shop and integrated solutions implemented in your business management solution. 

Pharmaceutical eCommerce Solutions and Digital Health E-commerce

Digital Health E-commerce. Our expertise broadens the pharma and healthcare industry’s digital and customized solutions. Developing such sensitive e-medical online shopping solutions, we implement the best strategic directions for our multi-faced health industry clients and partners.

The pharma sector is notoriously complex, highly regulated, and licensed. Therefore, it is crucial to match unique requirements when looking for a B2B eCommerce solution. We design, develop, integrate, maintain, and support various eCommerce solutions as an IT solution provider.

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ERP and eStore integration - Connect product

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