Why is personalization at the heart of contemporary customer engagement? Case studies from Converse, Nahdi Medical Company, and Confronter

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The bar of personalization is getting higher. Even if personalization nowadays is a must-have to improve customer experience, consumers expect more than just emails with their names. According to McKinsey research, 71% of customers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions and create customer intimacy. And 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. So, if customers don’t like the experience they receive, it’s easier than ever for them to choose something different or find a better experience elsewhere.

If you think having a good product makes your customer experience perfect, then you are wrong. Customer experience is a journey through every channel, regardless of where the shopping starts and ends. Having business processes aligned, automated, and centralized data enable your customer’s experience to be unforgettable.

71% of customers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions and create customer intimacy.

- McKinsey research

Why do people like personalization?

Customers describe personalization as personal attention and a positive experience of being made to feel special. In addition, customers value brands’ investments in digital communication and relationship rather than only transactions. For example, they appreciate the brand’s post-purchase letter or check message, how to use videos, or being asked for feedback. The personal touch makes every customer feel exceptional, seen, and valued. 

Exceptional relationship is usually rewarded. That is why over 70% of customers will purchase, recommend or repurchase after experiencing the personalized experience. So, personalization is today’s influencer for changing customers’ behavior across all sell channels. Moreover, personalization also drives revenue lift, and that’s a fact. So, it is clear that rather than focusing solely on short-term wins, brands must focus on long-term growth drivers and emphasize customer lifetime value.

The current state of personalization

As customer experiences and personalization are at high stakes, businesses must deploy more sophisticated personalization strategies. Personalization relies upon accurate data. Therefore, one of the most important things you can do is make this a reality. New technologies, like customer data platforms, allow businesses to activate first-party data and, in turn, are helping them deliver the same personalized experiences consumers have come to expect.

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Why should businesses consider using personalization tools?

Shoppers demand personalized customer experiences, and it is more than just marketing, as it is usual to think about personalization. Personalization is about data, the relationship between brand and customer, and the ability to offer your customers what they want, search for, and think of. 

The “Converse” had no hesitation in searching for solutions for full marketing automation in eCommerce. SALESmanago product was a perfect fit for this brand. “Working with this tool has allowed us, above all, to obtain leads, automate newsletter dispatch, and personalize and segment the database. Our results are growing, as can be seen in the reports. The possibilities for the program are enormous, and new functions supporting the development of marketing activities are constantly appearing.” – comments Aneta Ochnik, Online Content, and Sales Coordinator. In addition, the SALESmanago tool was able to offer omnichannel communication for the brand that is attractive to the recipient (email, web push, text messages, website messages), allowing for the delivery of a personalized offer at the optimal time. 

“Segmentation, personalization, automation of communication, and CDP is giving us that necessary edge to exceed the expectations of guests and deliver extraordinary business results.” – explains Pawel Dabrowski, Omnichannel Director at Nahdi Medical Company, by improving the customer experience of over 4M people in running automated and hyper-personalized omnichannel communication which drives a significant part of their revenue thanks to SALESmanago product. 

Another example of a SALESmanago perfect fit is Confronter. Confronter is a modern financial comparison website where customers can compare loans, accounts, insurance, deposits, or investment platforms on the forex market quickly and free of charge. Their goal was to distinguish its customers regarding their activity and the source of acquisition to improve communication, presentation of personalized content, and reach customers by using various communication forms. Implementing the tool, Confronter witnessed a 714% increase in CTR to mass emails sent to the customer database. 

So, personalization is especially effective at driving repeat engagement and loyalty over time. With the rise of eCommerce comes an increase in competition, so brands risk losing customers more than ever. You can only afford to take advantage of value-based personalization, customer experience, and its benefits when customers see it as a basic necessity. 

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