eCommerce Day Kaunas 2023: eCommerce of tomorrow

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eCommerce Day Kaunas 2023 event has been a blast of insights and revelations. It has undoubtedly provided the momentum to claim one’s place in the future of eCommerce. As Managing Director at PrestaShop Eric Senechal pointed out, “Together with MBE, we envision the future of commerce as a seamless experience for merchants to own, control, and grow their business fully. From the beginning to the end, we offer a unified and unique commerce journey to unlock your potential.” Currently, PrestaShop is the number one choice of eCommerce platform digital businesses use in Europe. 

PrestaShop is the number one choice of eCommerce platform digital businesses use in Europe.

Invertus, together with PrestaShop, celebrates a 15-year partnership, so the main takeaways from the eCommerce Day Kaunas 2023 event:

  1. PrestaShop platform is designed to adapt to your growth, so managing prominent traffic peaks (sales, multi-store, B2B, blog, etc.) will always be challenging.
  2. With PrestaShop, you can create, customize, and expand your online store in ways you never thought possible. No more rigid templates and limited design options; instead, you can mold your online store into a tailor-made shopping experience for your customers, perfectly aligning with your ambitions.
  3. The eCommerce sector is the largest private sector employer in Europe.
  4. Changing consumer journey: shift towards hybrid shopping (online and offline interaction); Retailers compelled to invest in a seamless mixed shopping experience; Evolution of physical stores: Focus on enhanced experiences and in-person advice.
  5. Have a marketing automation system that makes all collected data usable – from Prestashop and physical stores.
  6. Decide to focus on existing clients and invest on that.
  7. Do the basic automation: abandoned browse & basket, welcome message, thanks for the purchase, and activating passives.
  8. Do segmentation and communicate differently to different audiences.
  9. Improve your ad performance by utilizing 1st party data.

What are the main ideas for eCommerce success in 2024?

  1. A modern and efficient website.
  2. Total maintenance cost control.
  3. Effective collection and use of user data.
  4. Seamless user experience online and offline.
  5. Digitization of B2B commerce.
  6. With PrestaShop Suites – your eStore will always remain yours.

Invertus enables digital commerce for businesses that want to scale and cross borders!

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Data is the new oil. Solutions based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence allow you to optimize conversion, but training algorithms require data. AI-based tools can perform various tasks: segment customers and provide them with customized offers, optimize prices and spot suspicious transactions. So, the future is in customer data and AI-based solutions with scalable eCommerce platform, like PrestaShop.

So, if you are thinking about your retail digital commerce business boost and need to know how AI can help your business, contact Invertus, and our advisors will provide more information. At Invertus, we enable digital commerce for businesses that want to scale and cross borders. Contact us, and let’s discuss how we can help your business thrive.

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