How to choose the best digital commerce platform for your business? Consider TOP 5 factors.

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No.1. The eCommerce platform and scalability. Start with more than you need today. Why? Because every business desires to scale up. Having a more technically advanced eCommerce platform, like PrestaShop, Sylius, or Shopware, from the beginning will cost your business less at scaling.

If you do not know which eCommerce platforms fit your business best, contact us, and we will help you choose the most suitable one for your unique business.

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No.2. Integrations with ERP, CMS, payment, shipment, SEO or marketing modules, multishop or multilanguage functionalities, etc. Integrations and various easy and standard modules are more important than you think. For example, PrestaShop platform is translated into 75 languages and has 2,500 design templates and over 4,000 functionalities.

No.3. Customize to personalize. Sophisticated or complex solutions can serve as an efficient near-term solution for smaller businesses, but as an eCommerce business grows and matures, the need for customization to personalize customer experience becomes apparent. So, if you start with no need for customization for your eCommerce platform at the beginning, it is acceptable; however, consider this a crucial element when your company grows.

Invertus enables digital commerce for businesses that want to scale and cross borders!

We can help you manage and advise on every aspect of your business’s digitalization.
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No.4. Customer and user experience. It’s important to consider that consumer expectations have evolved beyond typical software offerings. Various daily processes have a significant impact on smooth shopping and delivering workflow. 

No.5. Ecosystem and qualified support. Being part of a global eCommerce ecosystem is a huge deal these days. It creates access to field experts and partners that can offer the best solutions or products your business needs, so if the IT solution partner you choose is part of a worldwide ecosystem, your digital commerce is in excellent hands. 

At Invertus, we enable digital commerce for businesses that want to scale and cross borders. Contact us, and let’s discuss how we can help your business thrive.

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