eCommerce future is on F.I.R.E.

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When COVID-19 broke down, businesses had to adapt quickly. The main lesson everybody had to learn quickly was that digital businesses need to rapidly and accurately respond to all kinds of changes and be prepared for different scenarios. To remain competitive, brands must differentiate by providing premium, integrated digital solutions to ensure extraordinary customer and user experience. However, as customer expectations of digital engagement are shifting, many brands need help to keep up.

In 2023 to get customers to fall in love with your brand and keep their affection, you need to be prepared to be on F.I.R.E. In other words - be Flexible, Inexpensive, Rapid, and Easy.

- explains Jurgis Gylys, CPO/CQO @ Invertus


Unfortunately, legacy architectures are slowing down even the most innovative, forward-thinking brands. Instead of building the future for your customers and providing the best-personalized customer experience, most businesses opt to search for legacy technologies to create digital experiences with minimal flexibility, personalization, and extensibility. The longer brands refuse to change, the quicker loyalty of your customers wanes away. 

The tremendous advancement in digital architecture has been headless. This modular pattern creates the ability to compose a single back-end application that manages multiple front-end integrated personalized experiences. 

We’ve been building headless modular commerce solutions that can be brought together as a bespoke digital experience solution to serve your customers’ unique needs.


Digital solutions and products must focus on optimal business value. Therefore, the technology architecture needs to be modular, where individual components are rapidly installed and easily modified or adjusted to keep pace with the constantly evolving market expectations. This results in a slightly more significant initial investment, yet further development becomes more accessible, cheaper, and scalable.

Invertus enables digital commerce for businesses that want to scale and cross borders!

We can help you manage and advise on every aspect of your business’s digitalization.
Do what’s best for your business and take action!


Ensuring a premium integrated digital experience requires several things. Most brands understand which experiences customers prefer in which digital channel and allow for a seamless transition between experiences where necessary.

Every brand is better off with a headless, modular product that can be rapidly installed, changed, and developed. Only a few businesses don’t need professional, functional, and scalable solutions. Building modular digital solutions will eventually become leaders in eCommerce as they’ll let them be prepared to deliver premium integrated experiences across all channels. Such brands will also create themselves an advantage in collecting first-party customer data required to personalize customer journeys further.


Digital solutions must serve businesses efficiently and be easily administered by non-technical professionals.

Settings of digital products must be solved by simple functionalities (the time had passed when the marketing professional had to know how to use HTML code to prepare a newsletter or manage positions on the site). Then, at least minimal adjustments to the technologies used in the business could be implemented on a no-code basis.

The future high-value digital solution is modular solutions built of various products that are easily and quickly installed. It also has to have the ability to be easily scaled. 

So, we are continuously excited by the emergence of headless technologies that can be brought together as a bespoke modular digital experience solution to serve personalized needs for your customers. So, if you are thinking of your brand, and need to be on F.I.R.E in 2023, drop us a message, and we will get you there. 

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