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Personalized communication to meet every customer’s needs is eCommerce’s future. It allows a company to use all of the customer’s data to deliver relevant experiences. Good eCommerce personalization can help you reach your potential online buyers and connect with them in a way that drives more engagement and conversions. SALESmanago focuses on giving brands personalized customer experiences.

As Greg Blazewicz, Founder & CEO SALESmanago pointed out in their recent webinar, 42% of marketers think that customer loyalty will be tested in 2023, and their loyalty will drop through the next 12 months because future customers are looking for more value than lower prices. Shoppers got accustomed to eCommerce companies’ increased effort into the customer experience. They want even better now. Yet, personalization requires brands to collect customer information to provide a better experience, which is why data-driven personalization is one of the goals for 2023 eCommerce. 

Here’s a brief recap of a few keynote speakers of SALESmanago’s latest webinar.

Focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Deploy lean marketing tactics and deliver value, a sense of purpose, and true connection.

- Greg Blazewicz, Founder & CEO SALESmanago

We don’t need marketing; we need experience.

“To get more people talking positively about your business, you need to be WISE: Witty, Immersive, Shareable, and Extraordinary,” – says Dan Gingiss, Chief Experience Officer at The Experience Maker. He also pointed out: “When other people are talking about us is far more incredible than we are talking about ourselves. If we want other people to talk about us, we need to understand the kinds of experiences people share. As it turns out, we share very positive experiences and very negative experiences and nothing in the middle. For example, 30% of consumers share negative experiences on their social media or write reviews. But almost 50% of consumers share positive experiences, so people like to share positive experiences. Two out of three consumers do not remember the last time the brand exceeded their expectations. So, we would share positive experiences, but we do not have many of them to share.” So, what WISE stands for:

  • Witty is about being clever, using language to your advantage, and refusing to be boring. 
  • Immersive is about creating consistent experiences from the beginning to the end and feeling different along the way. 
  • Shareable is an end goal. We have to give people experiences they want to share without telling. 
  • Extraordinary simply means a little bit better than ordinary: simple, practical, and inexpensive.

9.5% of business revenue is at risk due to a bad experience

Personalizing customer experiences means understanding what is most important to customers and planning to respond. Brands have already made a big step towards listening to their customers; however, there’s forming a new challenge in using such insights and data.

So, creating meaningful, personalized experiences is part of the challenge. Martin Meyer-Gossner, Head of Customer Experience at Qualtrics, said that 63% of consumers think businesses need to do better in listening to feedback. People are 3.5 times more likely to purchase again after having a positive experience with your brand. Here are a few things to remember for entering 2023:

  • Experience Management (XM) connects customer experience and employee experience. 
  • Future customer experience lies in embracing companies’ ability to offer their customer a high degree of empathy. 
  • Companies can’t show empathy. People can. So, employee experience significantly impacts CX, and the revenue is much higher. 
  • Companies can use so many innovations but don’t know about them.

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Recession reflex

It seems like 2023 years bring global recession, a decline in consumer spending, and a reduction in economic activity. However, there are so many pieces of advice not to cut on marketing and research into customers’ behavior while shopping online or the whole customer journey and identify changing behavior of your digital shopper. 

Greg Blazewicz, Founder & CEO SALESmanago, also confirms that 74% of CMOs are facing cuts to their marketing budget or team due to the recession, according to a CMO survey done by SALESmanago. Yet, he points out: “Don’t follow the conventional wisdom of cutting marketing spending as a reaction to recessionary times. Instead, focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Deploy lean marketing tactics and deliver value, a sense of purpose, and true connection.”

SALESmanago is developing digital products that help marketers to increase marketing results, be trustworthy and respectful partners for CEOs, and help drive businesses. Find the full webinar and its speakers on SALESmanago site

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