Why is integrating an enterprise resource planning system and eCommerce platform important for B2B retailers?

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Managing a digital retail business today means managing all its business processes and responding to real-time changes. Not only do you have to manage multiple variables throughout the supply chain, but you also have a comprehensive view of how market demand and consumer behavior affect product planning or development in order to stay relevant and competitive.

You need a unified digital business process management solution to increase accuracy and efficiency. Integrating an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and a digital commerce platform is key to improving business performance for many organizations.

At first glance, many of an ERP system’s functions are similar to those of an eCommerce platform. However, this does not mean that digital commerce software should be used to replace an ERP system or vice versa.

Integration products share information between ERP and your e-store and automatically export and import specified information, saving time and improving your business processes efficiency.

What business processes do ERP and eStore include?

Although ERP may look very similar to an e-commerce platform, they operate differently and serve different purposes.

An e-commerce platform includes customer-facing processes such as sales, marketing, shipping, and customer service. It handles the buying and selling goods (e.g., B2B, B2C, C2C, or C2B) using functions to support sales strategies and focus on increasing revenue.

An enterprise resource planning system includes eCommerce functions and internal processes such as procurement, supply chain management, warehousing, inventory management, product development, customer relationship management (CRM), finance, accounting, and human resources.

ERP is a business process management tool integrating various business operations management and function automation processes. Enterprise resource planning software helps streamline complex internal processes to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

Although many eCommerce platforms are comprehensive in business processes and offer endless features to manage various aspects of digital commerce, you should refrain from using them to replace your ERP system. This is especially true for B2B merchants who run complex buying and selling processes.

Why should you integrate ERP and eStore?

Usually, companies do not consider integrating their e-store with ERP or other systems among each other because they think that it will disrupt their business processes or that it is an additional and very significant cost.

Without integration between the ERP and e-shop, you manually enter your sales orders into the ERP system. This wastes a lot of time, and when a large number of orders are generated, then there is a need to hire additional people, which also increases business costs but does not reduce the number of human errors that occur when entering information manually, which can be easily fixed by installing digital tools (e.g., Connect product).

Integration products share information between ERP and your e-store and automatically export and import specified information, saving time and improving your business processes efficiency. Advantages of ERP and eCommerce integration:

  • Reduces data redundancy, human intervention, and the potential for error.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • More delivery options.
  • Increased confidence and reliability.
  • Better business control.

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