Success Story


Simple, nice, and easy. It perfectly works for Mollie.

“Our product is super easy to use, super easy to onboard.” – says Merijn van Zuidam, Lead Technical Partner Manager @ Mollie.

Origins of Mollie.

The Amsterdam-based online PSP became a “unicorn” valued at more than $1 billion in September 2021, more than a decade after Dutch entrepreneur Adriaan Mol founded it in 2004.  

As a young man, Mol wanted to be an inventor. His persistence and belief in pursuing his dream come true took him to found Mollie at age 20. As a developer, Adriaan focused on wholesale mobile text messages for businesses. Two years later, Mollie added an iDEAL functionality. In collaboration with Dutch banks, Adriaan was the first to begin simplifying payment solutions for Dutch retailers at the time. 

The goal hasn’t changed since then. The core of the business is simplifying online payments. It still has integrated the Dutch payment method with the online banking environment of The Netherlands’ 10 largest consumer banks.

Team of growth.

From a development perspective, in 18 years, Mollie was growing slowly. The team allowed the product to do the thing without pursuing complex sales or having any marketing. The product was on itself. So, the sales team and marketing team started to form only 6 years ago.

“Online payments are the core of our business. However, we think when we grow as a business, our merchants can grow with a better online payment experience. And besides that, the people at Mollie also have the right to grow. So, we put a lot of effort into supporting people in their growth path and developing them as they are. Smart at their work, better professionals, and being happy.” – says Merijn.

The first influential investment Mollie had in 2020 enabled them to kick things off quickly and significantly boost their growth. Since then, Mollie has attracted much interest from the world’s leading fintech investors, who can help in their next growth phase. “In terms of growth, our vision incorporates local offices and local languages.” – adds Merijn.

Mollie payments are available for every merchant despite your size.

“All merchants have the same product that they use from Mollie. If we develop a payment method, it will be available for everyone right away. We don’t do any bespoke development. It makes the product more scalable for sure.” – continues Merijn. “Mollie payments are available for every merchant despite their size. Yet, we do not focus on enterprises. Moreover, the product plugin always contains 4 languages.” 

Mollie’s success also lies in the vision that has not prioritized merchant or end-user. Both are important at the same time. Mollie sees their product as easy to use for merchants’ customers and merchants themselves.

Shared values attract partners that Mollie believes in.

“Being authentic is being yourself in a company, in your team. We need to grow that we want to, be the ones we want to, and have freedom as a person. In the end, all people are unique, and it has to be a space for that.” – shares Merijn.

Common values are a game-changer in a high-valued IT business. According to Merijn, partnership with us is valued and appreciated. Being the fastest-growing startup, Mollie shares matching values with all agencies they work with. Seeing us grow as a company, be accountable, and take ownership of the projects makes us seek similar goals. As we believe in a win/win or lose/lose but not a win/lose or lose/win philosophy, our partnership with Mollie becomes more vigorous than ever. We a happy to be a part of Molly’s growth and success.