PrestaShop Academy by Invertus: four weeks of pure PrestaShop coding and eCommerce development

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PrestaShop Academy by Invertus. Our academy is built to meet the training needs of a junior developer. You will indeed require more than four weeks to become a successful software engineer, yet we’d like to maintain the agility, and we don’t like to overwhelm you with excessive stuff; you’ll not need it while making the first steps. After all, you’ll also be learning to absorb the experience, think, find solutions and broaden your knowledge fast.

Coding can be fun if you do it with great people surrounding you.

Academy mentors you’ll meet and learn from.

Our academy is a place to learn, code, and meet people having similar goals. Our experienced mentors and leaders @ Invertus will share their know-how and professional experience. Did you know that your mentors are part of the global PrestaShop core development team? 

Coding can be fun if you do it with great people surrounding you. We constantly look for interesting, self-motivated people who share similar values and enjoy working as a team. Our academy is a great place to meet new people and become part of the community. 

You will also get a glimpse of incredible vibes and the living culture of Invertus. Linas Gudonavičius, CEO and Founder of Invertus, Rokas Zygmantas, Head of Technology @Invertus, people from virtually all teams will be there for you. Lastly, Stanislovas Ramanauskas and Jevgenij Visockij, Team Leaders of the software development team @ Invertus, will take the mentoring part. Did you know Invertus is carrying out official training in the name of Prestashop to more than 200 digital agencies worldwide?

Here's a detailed quick run-down of what you will learn at our academy.

Lesson duration: 1h 45m
Time: 18:30-20:15 h
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
K. Donelaitis street 62, BLC, Kaunas
Start: October 25th

Lesson 1:

Introduction of the academy (PrestaShop and Invertus) ~20min
Explanation of program (Developer) ~15 min
Introduction to PrestaShop and its installation (Developers) ~ 5 min
Prestashop installation and configuration 30 min
Opening of the module (Developers) 15 min
Create groups (2-3 people) 10 min
Questions/Tech help 30 min

Lesson 2:

Sales presentation and its value to clients explanation (Sales) 20 min
Choosing a topic for your project 20 min
Create basic PS module 30 min
Getting to know git (Developer) 10 min
Upload module to git 20 min
Questions/Tech help x min

Lesson 3:

A presentation about project managing (Project manager) 20 min
Topic confirmation (Developer) 10 min
Project planning and estimation 30 min
Introduction of hook 20 min
Questions/Tech help x min

Lesson 4:

Composer/Autoloading introduction and setup 30 min
Front Controller creation 20 min
Using templates in front controller/hooks 20 min
Adding CSS/JavaScript 20 min
Work on project/tech help ~10 min

Lesson 5:

Database architecture in PrestaShop (Developers) 20 min
Database table creation and manipulation 30 min
The object model in PrestaShop (Developer) 10 min
Using object model in module 30 min
Work on project/tech help ~20 min

Lesson 6: 

Backoffice controllers (Developers) 20 min
Creating back-office controller 30 min
Work on project/tech help x min

Lesson 7:

Prestashop theme architecture. Creation of PrestaShop theme. (Developer) 30 min
Child theme creation templates manipulation 20 min
Work on project/tech help x min

Lesson 8:

Symfony and PrestaShop. Using Symfony components in your module. (Developer) 30 min
Create symfony service 20 min
Review estimate 20 min
Work on project/tech help x min
Work on project/tech help x min

Lesson 9:

Automatic tests (Developer) 20 min
Create automated tests 30 min
Work on project/tech help x min

Lesson 10:

Module overrides and upgrades (Developer) 20min
Create an override and upgrade 30 min
Work on project/tech help x min

Lesson 11:

Free topic lesson
Work on project/tech help x min

Lesson 12:

Introduction and discussion of your project.

What to expect?

During the four weeks in the Academy, you will go through a series of projects and listen to a few theoretical lectures and multiple practical workshops. We aim to boost your analytical skills, critical thinking, and creativity. We’ll provide a broader outline to help you understand the eCommerce business and its challenges. Understanding how business works will help you critically evaluate all do’s and don’ts in your practical job.

After the initial phase, you will plan a PrestaShop project, estimate it, code, or extend PrestaShop modules’ front-end and back-end.

Why choose "PrestaShop Academy by Invertus" as your free coding experience?

It isn’t unusual all kinds of trainings aren’t offered free of charge. Not this kind of training! We invite junior developers to take their first steps into coding free of charge. With the help of our skilled and experienced developers, you’ll better understand different technical concepts and get ready to pursue your career in tech. 

Jumpstart your future today and apply now. Join a global eCommerce community of PrestaShop lovers.