eCommerce seasonality: how to handle it?

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When red hearts are all around us, and when most online shoppers desperately search for gifts for their loved ones, retailers have another opportunity to sell more. Believe it or not, the success lies in your advanced planning and technical preparedness. It’s an endlessly repetitive cycle in eCommerce: the winter sales are closely followed by Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, midsummer sales, then Back to School, Halloween, etc. All-year holidays present an excellent opportunity for eCommerce retailers to increase brand awareness and boost their bottom line exponentially.

Seasonal goods or one-day holidays, like Valentine's day, mainly are about handling your supply chain and polishing all the business processes seamlessly. It's not so difficult to do.

It means savvy marketing strategies should be employed, seamless customer experience – be created, and continuous work with your eCommerce site tech solutions should be carried out over 365 days. So, where to start?

Make sure you have the right tools to handle your stock.

Selling seasonal goods means you need to stock them well in advance. It is even more sensitive during the holidays, like Valentine’s day. So, here’s how to manage your supply chain to have the right amount of goods at the right time. Having your ERP connected or integrated to an eCommerce site is handy. How does it help?

Firstly, data is continuously synchronized between your ERP and e-shop. You do not need to fill in data in both systems manually. The beauty of integration lies in having everything automized and synchronized between the systems. You’ll never get stranded between goods ordered from a supplier and the parcels already on the way to the customers. 

Secondly, cloud-based systems can be reachable anywhere the internet is available. It means you have everything in control wherever you are in the world. It doesn’t stop any selling processes, and you can make decisions here and now because all the data is shown in real time. 

Thirdly, by not providing accurate data and a natural balance of goods at your eCommerce site, you confuse your online shopper and form an awful user experience. You can easily avoid it by having integration between your ERP and e-shop

Valentine's day can be a perfect or an awful experience for your online customers.

The choice is yours, but having many years of IT service provider experience, we know what makes your digital customers comfortable and satisfied. Nowadays, when eCommerce battles for every customer’s attention and money, no one needs an e-shop that doesn’t work correctly. Neither online shoppers nor you as a business. 

Seasonal goods or one-day holidays, like Valentine’s day, mainly are about handling your supply chain and polishing all the business processes seamlessly. It’s not so difficult to do. Many solutions can quickly solve such problems, like Connect by Invertus & Softera.eCom” integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and PrestaShop. Contact us to know how such a solution can benefit your business. 

Moreover, you can do much more, like reevaluating your eCommerce site’s performance, analyzing how to improve it, ensuring secure payments, synchronizing data among the systems, and providing the best customer experience. So, if you are struggling with the choices or need consultations on how to improve your eCommerce through seasonal shopping, drop us a message, and we will find a better solution for you and your customers. 

We know how you can improve your eCommerce during Valentine's day!

One-day holiday sales: give the Omnichannel a chance!

The weakest link in the whole process of the eCommerce is fulfillment and delivery. That’s why physical stores enormously profit on the ones who missed the chance to order their gifts online and opted for in store purchase to be on the safe side. Yet it is still a missed opportunity for many: when buying in-store is the only chance, that means many potential offers will never be taken. Integrating your eStore with the physical one to serve as acollection point may be your chance to grab the last chance. And there are plenty of other options for the brave, and creative ones, to set your delivery chain right. You just need to think of the process, while we will take care of the technical implementation. It is all possible with code, just give us a call!