PrestaShop Day 2021: eCommerce of tomorrow

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PrestaShop Day 2021 has been a blast of insights and revelations this year. It has undoubtedly provided the momentum to claim one’s place in the future of eCommerce. As Alexandre Eruimy, CEO at PrestaShop has pointed out, 41% of survey respondents acknowledged that digital contributed positively to their turnovers this year. Not impacted but contributed highly. For big and medium-sized companies, 60% of them admitted the same thing. Here’s a brief recap of a few keynote speakers and discussions held on #PSDFrance, 2021.

"It's unacceptable to ignore customer feedback about their poor experience in your digital store."

- Guillaume Pannetier, Country Manager France at Trustpilot

Omnichannel and multichannel are trending now.

PrestaShop again highlighted omnichannel and multichannel as the most critical trends in eCommerce this year, while event partners have been more specific. 

According to Guillaume Cavaroc, Retail & eCommerce Business director at Facebook:

1. Social media will contribute to the future of the growth in eCommerce.
2. Augmented reality will bridge the gap between online and physical shops.
3. Native payments on the checkout create a personalized customer experience.
4. Getting ready for the future without cookies today will help you gain a competitive edge tomorrow.

Francois Loviton, Managing director at Google, added to the forecast of multichannel with:

1. Even more customer behavior-based trends.
2. Videos will continue to emerge as the most effective visual means (Youtube is already the second most popular search engine in the world). 
3. The physical shop will remain a necessity for customers to buy goods, including physical or online marketplaces.  

What are the highest priorities in eCommerce for a satisfying customer experience?

The border between online and physical commerce has faded away. Businesses use omnichannel or multichannel approaches as customer communication channels for a better user experience rather than increasing revenue or sales. 

As Celine Dibert, Partner Manager at Klaviyo, singled out, merchants should prioritize in better user experience:

1. For increased customer loyalty.
2. Supporting aftersale services (logistics, returns, etc.).
3. Choosing the right partners (delivery companies, marketing, opinions, etc.) is vital to improve ways to talk to customers, reach new segments to customers, interact with them, and have the right message. These are the right tools that bring value. 
4. Integrating data and offering your customer a unique and personalized user experience continues to be a wild card in a toolset of a successful merchant. 

“It’s unacceptable to ignore customer feedback about their poor experience in your digital store.” – says Guillaume Pannetier, Country Manager France at Trustpilot, as:

1. It is essential to understand feedback and experience customers have had. You have to understand the mistakes why customers had a bad experience to better them. 
2. If you want to have customer-centered eCommerce, you need to look after your customers.
3. The central technical aspect is that you want to make it easy for customers to use your digital store.
4. Essential thing is data. Measure as more as you can. Analyze it and adapt your insights for a better customer experience. 

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Keep calm and grow your business.

Time-saving is crucial, especially for the businesses in scaling. The competition online is fierce and increasing every day. As Elizabeth Coleon, Chief Revenue Officer at Qonto, points out, digital tools made serving customers better possible, yet saving your customers’ time and easing everything they do is one of the few low-hanging fruits to grab. 

Florian Caillers, the Investment Analyst at Silvr, explained what priority assets to start and speed up your growth are: “To accelerate one’s growth, you need to use the best experts, networks, and scale your business. Find the best tools for your business and have the best financial partner for the long run that finances your growth. You gain time if you use the best experts because it is crucial for businesses in scaling.” 

Moreover – “The brands are closer to their consumers than ever. It is the capacity to customize their products and offers that matters most. Many merchants should go international, develop better-defined products and make customers loyal. Having strong vision and values that develop the customer engagement is accessible to all merchants: large and small.”

Grow the ecosystem and find new talents.

To sum up, Alexandre Eruimy, CEO at PrestaShop, concluded on the most critical innovation points in eCommerce. Firstly, we are responsible for supporting, training, and recruiting talents that help tomorrow’s eCommerce. Secondly, we also need digital champions in Europe to develop our values-based business model. Joining the PrestaShop community as a partner, agency, or developer to build the future of eCommerce is a place to start.