Invertus Coding Academy. Mastering Symfony in eCommerce

Coding can be fun if you do it with great people surrounding you!

Invertus Coding Academy. It isn’t unusual all kinds of trainings aren’t offered free of charge. Not this kind of training! We invite junior developers to take their first steps into coding free of charge. With the help of our skilled and experienced developers, you’ll better understand different technical concepts and get ready to pursue your career in tech. Experiencing academy:

  • You will go through a series of projects and listen to a few theoretical lectures and multiple practical workshops because we aim to boost your analytical skills, critical thinking, and creativity. 
  • You will get a broader outline to understand the eCommerce business and its challenges. Understanding how business works will help you critically evaluate all do’s and don’ts in your practical job.
  • You will plan a PrestaShop and Sylius project, estimate, code, or extend their modules’ front-end and back-end.
  • You will meet incredible people with matching ambitions. 
  • You will get a glimpse of incredible vibes and the living culture of Invertus. 

Invertus Coding Academy program

Registration is closed.
The duration of the academy is ten weeks. During this time, you will have 13 lessons – 2 lessons per week (the first month), later –  1 per week (the second month).

Lesson duration: 1h 45m
Time: 18:30 – 20:15h
Lessons days: Monday, Wednesday (first month, October), Monday (second month, November);


Lesson 1 (October 10):
Introduction to the academy, explanation of the program, Symfony setup.

Lesson 2 (October 12):
Sale process presentation, choosing a topic, introduction to GIT.

Lesson 3 (October 17):
Project planning and estimation

Lesson 4 (October 19):
Symfony endpoints

Lesson 5 (October 24):
Dependency injection

Lesson 6: (October 26):
Database, Doctrine

Lesson 7 (October 31):
Symfony forms

Lesson 8 (November 7):
Automated testing

 Lesson 9 (November 14):
Introduction to e-commerce platforms

Lesson 10 (November 21):
Integrating your app with an e-commerce platform

Lesson 11 (November 28):
Integrating your app with an e-commerce platform #2

Lesson 12 (December 5):
Integrating your app with an e-commerce platform #3

Lesson 13 (December 12):
Project presentations & closing ceremony

Career after coding academies or what to expect?

Invertus Coding Academy participants' experience

Registration is closed!

Invertus Coding Academy. Mastering Symfony in eCommerce” comes this fall.  Jumpstart your future today and register now. Join a global eCommerce community of PrestaShop and Sylius lovers. 

Date: October 10th – December 12th, 2022.
Place: Live in Kaunas, Lithuania, BLC (Business Leaders Center).

Heads-up: PHP knowledge and basics are a must-have for applicants.

Choose “Invertus Coding Academy. Mastering Symfony in eCommerce” as your free coding experience. Early registration is open! More details are on the way.