Mature your business with PrestaShop and ERP integration

Kickstart your business with a dose of proficient software. Increase your revenue, boost your business growth, and improve the customer experience. Enhance your PrestaShop online store with a cloud-based ERP.


We believe that innovative retail cares about customer experience in any channel the customer shopping journey takes on. Enabling digital commerce requires myriad different decisions. Starting with a business model and ending with software solutions, products, or tools.

In the webinar – Invertus, a Platinum partner of PrestaShop, and Softera Baltics, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions partner, will demonstrate how integrated solutions may help scale your business fast; how flawless data synchronization supports the business growth; and how different solutions contribute to your end-user experience.

You’ll have an excellent opportunity to go deep into the specific topic and ask experts on eCommerce, ERP, licensing data synchronization, and the pros and cons of the integration.

Register now and find out how retailers compete and win their customers’ loyalty online and how PrestaShop eStore and Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help your business thrive.

This webinar doesn’t demand having specific IT software knowledge. So, join our speakers to talk about data integration and business perspectives of digital commerce in the long run with data integration between systems.

Don’t create excessive issues. Start building a better customer experience with the right tools at the right time. Let your online shoppers feel taken care of, engaged, and loyal. Tune in and check out how your business can thrive. Save the date!

Webinar overview

Date: Wednesday, 8th of June
Time: 11:00 – 12:00 am (CET)
Duration: 1 hour

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    Webinar speakers

    gediminas Valaitis invertus
    Gediminas Valaitis
    Head of Commerce @Invertus

    Gediminas is a broad-minded and charismatic digital commerce professional experienced in converting business goals of top-notch global businesses and merchants. He believes in a value-first working software solutions approach and a win/win or lose/lose philosophy as the main options for high-value-added companies.

    “Digital solutions and data integration play a crucial role in making eCommerce business efficient and profitable. Things get much more challenging when the store grows; data stored in the spreadsheets delay the decisions and complicate handling orders, and additional staff is required, which not only increases the costs but the number of human errors as well. ‘Connect’ product is meant for online businesses that want to grow, scale, and go cross-border.” – says Gediminas. 

    povilas šafranauskas softera
    Povilas Šafranauskas
    ERP Consultant at Softera Baltic

    Povilas is an experienced ERP consultant with a focus on eCommerce as well as supply chain management solutions that enable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users to achieve more.

    “Think of how many times you had to apologize to your customers for the inaccuracy of product data or shipment, which you couldn’t post due to a shortage of stock? How many times did you have to handle returns when the wrong product was shipped? There is a simple solution to all this struggle. When solving your business challenges, an integrated data solution undoubtedly helps, and success usually lies in the tools you choose to use to help your company grow.” – adds Povilas.