What does digitalization mean, and how important is it for online businesses?

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Technology expands business metrics and creates new perspectives for decision-making. High-quality data-driven solutions enable technology to be recruited and market leaders to be informed correctly based on financial indicators and consumer expectations. This is why introducing different technologies into businesses is not yet digitalization. Only interoperable technologies create conditions for developing and servicing coherent processes.

A McKinsey study indicates that at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity had progressed for five years within eight weeks. However, traditional businesses and services have often made progress but haven’t met consumers’ expectations before the pandemic, and their gap has increased after it even more.

A McKinsey study indicates that at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity had progressed for five years within eight weeks.

What is an example of a usual digital commerce business?

Often systems that enterprises use work separately from each other, and such an approach causes companies’ customer loss and even leads to a fall in their future sales.

Fragmented technologies and data shortages are very costly for businesses. Unfortunately, businesses still underestimate the cost of individual business processes and their integration. So often, they struggle with consequences but do not solve what causes them.

Simple solution, like Connect product, may help avoid so much mistakes and solve issues that online businesses have. Merging sales channels, integrating data, and combining them will save so much time for sales administration. Following it, accountants may work towards more complex tasks instead of creating return invoices for the products that aren’t in stock and help avoid errors.

eStore can't be isolated from the rest of the business processes

The further, the more an eStore becomes an important or even the most important sales channel. However, as a technology, the eStore itself does not generate sales. But, like a physical store, it must neatly arrange the goods, be prepared to assist the customer with consultants, and have customer-friendly billing methods in place (by the way, priorities vary considerably from country to country, even in this area). Similarly, the online store must integrate everything necessary to enable the customer to purchase and receive the product on time.

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ERP is not just an accounting system. It is a business solution for all business applications and services.

Connecting your ERP to an online shop is necessary when you sell items that do not have a limited balance or manage prices according to dynamically changing rules (or even apply special prices to different customers). Not to mention that many of the more complex functions would also require the assistance of additional staff, which is, in many cases, a challenge in today’s labor market. Integration between ERP and online shop synchronizes data in-between and avoids human errors or misunderstandings when data is exchanged over time. This is only part of the issues addressed by integrating the ERP and e-shop. And while, in general, more business digitalization requires time, integrating ERP and digital store is more a matter of hours if you choose an integrative product, like Connect.

Efficiency is felt by employees, who do not have to perform repetitive actions or copy data between different programs, and managers find the ability to make data-driven decisions and do so in real-time.

Efficient digital solutions require a systematic assessment of business needs and processes. Unfortunately, digital business transformation is often circumvented by myths and misjudgments. Discussing these problems and their solutions with professionals in this field would be very reasonable, which can lead to a successful business future. The world is full of solutions tailored to different needs, and it is common for clients to choose the right way to win a lottery.

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